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Tuesday, 23 September 2014

~bEhiNd tHe NaMe~

okay....first of all,  i think many of my friends dont know what is the meaning of my blog URL. My blog URL is some of my friends ask me,what is the meaning of the meaning of the name? where did u get that kind of name?sometimes i feel shy to tell u guys...but for kpopers they already know.

FYI....babyb2utyelf stand for which fanclub i am.
baby is the name for B.A.P's fanclub
then, b2uty stand for Beast/B2ST's fanclub

last, ELF is the Super Junior's fanclub. 

this 3 groups are my favourite...i dont why, but really like and love them.
for super junior or also known as SuJu, ive been liked them since im in standard 4 and bias in the group is Lee DongHae. In b.a.p, my bias is Yoo YoungJae n in beast, my bias is Lee GiKwang....hehehe.
Im so happy when i think of them cause they make my day...


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